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Change of Gender Designation for Maine Driver's License and State ID

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To change the gender marker on your license or State ID, you will need to have a medical or mental health provider sign off on this form and pay for the card renewal at the DMV. When you arrive at your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles, staff at the help desk will help you find the correct supplementary paperwork. When meeting with an employee at the front desk, you can request a new photograph to be taken. If you have a court document that proves change of name, you can also amend the name on your ID. If you have legally changed your name, make sure to record a new signature with your legal name for the card. When all is finished, you will be shown, or can ask to be shown a preview of your new card. Unfortunately, as of this year (2015), the local office cannot amend the gender marker and the preview image will show your previous gender marker. The Gender Designation form will be sent to be processed in Augusta, and your new card will have your corrected gender designation. It takes a few weeks for your card to arrive in the mail. Remember to take identification with you to the BMV. To learn more about ID cards and costs, go to the Maine BMV website.

How To Change Your Name In The State of Maine

Are you a resident of the state of Maine? If you are, you can legally change your name at the probate court in the county where you reside. For a free in depth guide to changing your name, follow the link below to be redirected to Pine Tree Legal.

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Other Identification Documents

The National Center for Transgender Equality provides a great tool called the ID Documents Center that can help you figure out how to amend records including birth certificates, immigration records, passports, social security, and more.

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